Dr Faustus

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By Christopher Marlowe

Directed by Stephen Lee

New Fortune Theatre, UWA

7.30pm March 13, 14, 18, 19, 20, 21, 25, 26, 27, 28

A rare theatrical event, well worth selling your soul for a ticket…

Rarely performed in Perth, Marlowe’s stunning and compelling play Doctor Faustus will be performed at UWA’s New Fortune Theatre, an astonishing outdoor facsimile of an Elizabethan playing space, a setting for which the play was written.

Thoughtful, daring, darkly funny and yet also intensely truthful, it is a masterpiece, comparable with many of Shakespeare’s plays, written at the height of Marlowe’s powers.

An intelligent and learned man, bored with reaching the pinnacle of his profession, sells his soul to the Devil for twenty-four years to have the demon Mephistopheles as his servant. In starkly vivid and painstaking detail, it charts a man’s struggle with his own limitations and ultimate mortality, and his terror at the prospect of eternal damnation.

In a real tour de force of juggling different styles, Marlowe’s play swings from powerful and impassioned poetry to broadly hilarious comedy as Faustus fritters away his time in a series of practical jokes and showy magical tricks. And finally, as his last hour ticks away, Faustus must face his own demons, and struggle with his pride to ask God forgiveness.

Stephen Lee, award-winning director who has directed some thirty separate productions of either Shakespeare or his contemporaries, directs Doctor Faustus, which features David Meadows, one of Perth’s pre-eminent performers of Shakespeare.

The Graduate Dramatic Society first staged Shakespeare in the New Fortune in 1964, and has been presenting quality plays at The New Fortune Theatre annually for twenty years.

Book at: www.ticketsWA.com


Standard: $35, Concession: $25, Groups of ten or more (including school groups): $20

For media enquiries, images, and group booking enquiries contact bookings@grads.org.au


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The Real Thing

GRADS presents an award winning comedy by

The Real Thing logo

By arrangement with Origin Theatrical, on behalf of Samuel FrenchTM London, Ltd.

in association with Stirling Players

Directed by Barry Park

A playwright and actors dodge intricately between make-believe and reality in this exhilarating, witty and insightful comedy

Stirling Theatre, Innaloo

19 – 21, 25 -28 June, 2 – 4 July 2015

Booking opens here soon

In The Real Thing, which twice won the Tony® Award-winner for Best Play, acclaimed playwright Tom Stoppard (Shakespeare in LoveArcadiaRosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead) combines characteristically brilliant wordplay, wit, and insight, illuminating the nature – and the mystery – of love.

Henry is a brilliant and celebrated playwright. With his wife Charlotte in the starring role, his new play examines the complexity of love and infidelity. But when passions ignite and his own marriage becomes entwined with that of Charlotte’s co-star, Henry’s reality and fiction blur. As he struggles to write a new work, the players in this game of deceit and lust are all searching, but can any of them find ‘the real thing’?

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